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Elevate Credit Union
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Reloadable & Gift Cards

Options for your wallet

Making gifts, traveling, and everyday spending more convenient.


    Gifts, travel, and everyday spending

    Choose from a selection of reloadable and prepaid Visa cards.



    TravelMoney Cards

    Always have access to funds while traveling.



    Visa Gift Cards

    Give them the buying-power to get what they really want.

    Everyday Spend Cards

    Convenient, safe everyday spending.

    Spend Anywhere

    Visa Gift Cards

    Some people are just tough to buy gifts for. Giving a Visa Gift Card means giving confidently, because you know they can get exactly what they want.

    Travel Safer

    TravelMoney Cards

    Instead of carrying your debit or credit card, use a prepaid, reloadable TravelMoney Card to make purchases and get cash from ATMs all over the world.


    Secure Spending

    Everyday Spend Cards

    Our reloadable Everyday Spend Cards are a secure way to make purchases and get cash at ATMs. If lost or stolen, they aren’t tied to your account in the way that a Debit Card is.

    Wide Acceptance

    The power of Visa

    Visa Cards are accepted almost anywhere, and make our gift cards, EverydaySpend Cards, and TravelMoney Cards especially convenient.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes.
    • There is an inactivity fee of $3 after three months and a monthly fee of $1.75.

    • Yes, $5 dollars after 12 months.

    • No. Visa Gift Cards, Everyday Spend Cards, and TravelMoney Cards may be purchased and loaded from your account, but they are not linked to your account.

    • No. You cannot add additional money to Visa Gift Cards once they are purchased.

    • $2.

    • Yes.
    • Yes. Everyday Spend Cards will be charged a $5 inactivity fee after 10 months.
    • $5.
    • Yes, Everyday Spend Cards, Visa Gift Cards, and TravelMoney Cards can be used abroad.
    • No, all three of these card types are not connected your Elevate savings or checking accounts.
    • Yes! Our Everyday Spend, TravelMoney, and Visa Gift Cards can all be used abroad.
    • Yes. The inactivity fees are different for each card:
      • Everyday Spend Card - A $5 fee after ten months of inactivity
      • Visa Gift Card - A $5 fee after twelve months of inactivity
      • TravelMoney Card - A $3 fee after three months of inactivity
    • Visa Gift Cards can carry amounts between $10 and $1000.
    • Everyday Spend Cards can be loaded with amounts from $10 to $5,000.
    • Everyday Spend Cards can be activated online or by calling the number on the back of the card.
    • TravelMoney Cards can be loaded with amounts from $100 to $5,000. They can be reloaded as many times as you need.
    • TravelMoney Cards must be activated online or by calling the number provided on the brochure at time of purchase.
    • These cards can be reloaded online, through the CUMoney app, or through a Visa ReadyLink participating merchant.
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