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Elevate Credit Union
Mobile Banking App

Free - On the App Store


Elevate Credit Union
Mobile Banking App

Free - On the App Store

Mobile Banking

A complete banking experience

More banking with less phone calls, driving, and parking.

  • Get the app

    With our mobile banking app, you can check your accounts and take care of banking tasks without even removing your headphones.

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    Track your spending

    Log in to the mobile banking app to check balances and see your transaction history.




    Pay people & bills

    Pay for your share of lunch and pay your electric bill, all in the same app.

    Get alerts

    Get important alerts about your accounts.

    Track your money

    Always know where your money is, using your phone

    Check your balances and transactions so you can stay on top of your budget. Get real-time alerts, so you always know what’s going on in your accounts.

    Pay people & bills

    Send money and pay bills

    Keep all of your transactions in one place. The same app lets you pay your monthly bills and send money to anyone, you know. With our new bank to bank transfers, you can even move money back and forth directly between Elevate and another financial institution.

    Cash checks

    Snap and deposit

    Your phone is an ATM. Simply snap a picture of a check to deposit it into your account.

    Control your cards

    Turn cards on and off

    Misplace a card? Turn it off in the mobile banking app until you find it.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept foreign checks through Mobile Deposit.
    • Keep your deposited check until it clears in your account. After it clears, you can shred it.
    • Yes. Sign your checks like this:
      • For Mobile Deposit to account _________
      • Your signature
    • Call the credit union and we can help you set it up over the phone, (435) 723.3437.
    • There is a daily limit of 5 checks and $2,000.
    • On the following business day (M-F) by 10:30am, excluding holidays.
    • Before you get started, make sure you have signed up for Online Banking and downloaded the Mobile Banking app.
      1. Endorse your check like this: Line 1: “For mobile deposit to account # __________” Line 2: Your Signature
      2. Open the app and go to "Mobile Deposit"
      3. Lay the check on a flat, solid, dark surface in a well-lit area and snap a picture with your phone
      4. Follow the upload instructions
      5. Choose which account to deposit the check into
    • Once you've signed up for Online Banking, you can download the app by following one of the links below!
    • Online Banking gives you access to a bunch of awesome resources, like Bill Pay, Online Statements, and Mobile Banking. If you aren't signed up, you can enroll online today. You can also visit a local branch or call us at (435) 723-3437. We'll walk you through the process!
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